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Church on the Word is a non-denominational church on the south east side of Indianapolis, IN. Our music is energetic, our worship is intimate, and our teaching is relevant and revelatory. We welcome everyone in the central Indiana community to join us for our Sunday morning service.

It's Time To Go Deeper
Church on the Word is a place where everyone can grow closer to God. Look at the list below. Do you see yourself in one of those descriptions? If so, Church on the Word may be the right place for you...

The Skeptic
Are you skeptical about God's existence, or that Jesus is who he claimed he was? We invite you take the 4 day challenge. Commit to visiting Church on the Word for just 4 Sunday morning services. We are certain that you will witness the goodness of Jesus Christ and that you will begin to notice an undeniable transformation in your life!

The Seeker
Do you feel a longing that you just can't name? Like most of us, you've probably tried to satisfy it with things that don't last, or don't live up to their promises. Visit Church on the Word and we will introduce you to a spiritual wellspring that will always satisfy your spirit, heart, and life.

The Sojourner
Greetings, traveler! We're all walking the path that God has laid out for us. It's an exciting adventure, but not one we're meant to take alone. The pastors, teachers, and congregation of Church on the Word are here to encourage you, equip you, and challenge you at every stage of your Christian journey.

The Servant
We are convinced that every person is called to be a servant of Jesus Christ. Each of us has a God-given set of talents, resources, and desires intended to advance the Good News of Jesus Christ. Church on the Word is eager to help you discover and fulfill your service to the Lord.

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Church on the Word
5210 English Avenue  -  Indianapolis, IN 46219
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Sunday service: 10 am & 6 pm